Garden update

How does YOUR garden grow? Are you on target? Is anyone really ever on target? I feel like gardening is always a work-in-progress activity. You’re never really done, the goal just keeps changing.

We’re getting off to a late start again this year garden-wise. Earlier last week, I planted some seeds for zucchini, seranos, and cherry tomatoes. No sprouts yet, but it’s a little too soon to expect them.

I have four tomato plants that I bought and need to get into the ground. I’m hoping to get some quality tilling time in later this week, when the rain stops.

Rain? Yes, rain. I really hope this isn’t the start of the same kind of summer we had last year. Cold and gray isn’t garden-friendly.

But, enough about the list of frustrations that I try not to think about. On to the good things!

Chard! And lots of it! The chard seeds I planted last spring really took off, and gave us lots of chard over last summer, and all winter. But finally, last week, they started to bolt. We haven’t been picking as many leaves lately because we’ve been getting lots of chard from our CSA. Well, that changed today. Eric went out and pulled up all the chard plants, and I cut off the useable leaves. We now have five bags of chard in the fridge.

Guess who’ll be posting recipes for chard later this week? Also, if you have any chard recipes you just love, I’d really like to hear from you! I feel like we’re going to have a race against time to eat all this chard before it goes bad.

So much chard!

I love the rainbow chard. I love the colors. So vibrant green, with yellow, pink, red, and even orange stems.

Hot pink stems.

Once I’d cut off the useable leaves, we tossed the rest of the plants into our new compost bin, which we built yesterday before the rain started.

Spinny composter.

I’m really kind of excited about this thing. When we first started composting, we made our own bin from a black plastic garbage can, which we cut holes into. That didn’t really work for us, since it was hard to move the stuff around inside. Especially considering how bad I am about cutting things into smaller bits before putting it inside.

Last year, we bought a larger black bin that I put together and have since filled. But again, I’m not good about putting in small bits, and that makes it hard to turn it regularly. Right now, it’s probably full, but composting very slowly.

This composter was a gift from Eric’s mom, and is a large bin on a stand, and can be turned on it’s axis. I have high hopes for this one working. Or at least making this a second bin for the stuff that comes out of the square bin. We’ll see. We sure had fun putting it together. Lots of parts!


I even got to use power tools!

Drill, baby, drill!

Do you compost? What method do you use?


One thought on “Garden update

  1. That’s a great unit! Will take stirring with a shovel out of the pic..

    Next step, build more raised beds and forget fightin them Rocks Baby!!

    Raised beds hold the compost and soil SO well; EnJoy!!




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