I don’t have a car, why do I need a parking permit?

So remember last August when I got a parking permit even though I’d canceled my order for one? And how I took it to the SRJC Police station to turn it in? And how they told me I’d get a credit for it?

Well, I got the credit, so I was OK with that. And, basically, between school work and too much sickness, I didn’t log into my account there for a couple of months.

As it turns out, they charged me again a week later, and now there’s a hold on my account, which is putting a delay on my transcript.

Failure to double-double check their accounting is my fault, I guess.

PS. I will take the blame for not checking my account more recently. I suppose if I’d been totally on top of things, I would have learned about this sooner, and might have been able to avoid some of the stress.

PPS. Technically, I do have a car, but I’m not using it. I registered it as not-in-use, and am biking to school.


The good news is that it is all resolved. And, as it turns out, it’s because I didn’t check my credit card statement for last month, that I didn’t realize that they’d given me an enormous credit. Basically, I got all my fees refunded for this semester and last semester! Unfortunately, they over-credited my account for the parking permit amount that they had already refunded (weird system glitch, I guess). So, I guess it’s only fair that I pay them back for that amount.

I guess the lesson in this is to be more on top of my finances.


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