How do you go about setting goals and monitoring your progress? This is something I have always had a bit of trouble with, but it has totally gotten out of hand in the last year or so. Especially in regards to my fitness training goals. Starting with about the time we bought this house, my workouts have tapered to “sporadic” and since my illnesses last fall/winter, they’ve dropped to “too-low-to-register” levels.

In an attempt to motivate myself back in February, I signed up for TBF’s Ice Breaker triathlon. Um… yeah, that’s 2 weeks away. Have I been training? No, not really. It’s too close to the race to do any kind of significant training, so I’ll just have to slog through it and hope I don’t bonk.

But that’s not to say I can’t do SOMETHING between now and then to minimize the pain. And this isn’t the only race I’m planning on doing this year. I have my eye on a couple of Olympic distance triathlons, a handful of 10k running races, and maybe a half marathon. I need to get back into a training groove or none of these races are going to happen.

So, my goal for April is this: RUN 50 miles. That’s a push, but it’s do-able if I stay focused. And I can’t skip any runs.


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