Suddenly Spring!

Technically, my Spring Break was last week, which was really disappointing, considering how cold and rainy it was the whole week. I had grand plans of spending some quality time in my garden, weeding and tilling and planting. Alas, the weather kept me inside most of the week, and even when it wasn’t raining, the ground was far to mushy to attempt any gardening.

This week, the sun is out, and the temps are in the 70s (really!) and it suddenly feels like spring.

Today, I went out to check my peas and see why most of the seeds I planted several weeks ago haven’t shown up. Alas, no sprouts were to be seen. All I can think is that the slugs and bugs got them. I planted a few more in the gaps and will hope for the best. But my plan to have an entire row of peas has been scrapped. Instead, I’ll only plant half a row, and start some beans in the next couple of weeks on the other side of the row.

The one really strong pea stalk.

On the side of the yard that gets the most sun, the weeds are going strong. It’s going to take a couple of afternoons of weeding to clear that up. But the shadier side of the yard looks pretty nice. My Forget-Me-Nots are going like gangbusters.

I love how unassuming these lovely little flowers are.

My little primroses are looking healthy. At least the few who survived the winter cold and snails. I love these simple little flowers. So colorful and bright.

They like this spot.

Finally, of the five cyclamens I transplanted over a year ago, three came up last fall, but only one made any flowers. But what pretty flowers!

Bright and cheerful!

You’ll notice the lack of photos of the zillions of weeds, dead plants, broken pots and the general untidiness that is my back yard. And my front yard is even less photogenic. But it’s spring, and I’m eager to get out there and start poking, pruning, and pulling. And I’ll be posting more photos as I go along.

How’s your Spring so far?


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