Celebrate, redux

I was really quite happy with the response to my previous Celebrate post, announcing my new magnet sets. Unfortunately, computer and server issues kept me from getting my new sets posted to my etsy shop until the end of the week. But, within an hour of posting them, I sold a set! Hurrah!

Late on Thursday afternoon, I decided to extend the celebration and to add a second set of giveaway magnets. At the same time, it was brought to my attention that Facebook has rather strict rules regarding using fan pages for contests. So, in order to bring this contest inline with their requirements, I have changed the rules of entry. The new rules are listed below.

But first, the new magnets!

Retro Colors!

Lovely little flowers!








Aren’t they lovely? The flowers come from a very pretty vintage birthday card, and have bits of silver glitter that doesn’t show up in the photo very well.

And, of course the first set of magnets are still up for grabs:


Sweet little flowers.

Each magnets is approximately 3/4″ in diameter, and about 1/2″ tall. Each is backed with a small rare earth magnet, which makes it super strong, so it’ll hold your papers securely. These little sets are what I call my “smalls” and go for $10 in my etsy store. But you can get them for free.  And it’s as easy as this:

1. Respond to this blog post (or the previous blog post) to be eligible. Make sure your email address is correct, as that’s how I’ll contact you.

If you want additional entries, you can:

2. Tweet about the contest. Be sure you include me in your tweet (@itchbay) so you get credit! You can even retweet my tweets.

3. Become a follower of my blog.

4. “Heart” one of my items in etsy.

I will take entries until midnight on Thursday, March 24, and announce the winners on Friday, March 25.


6 thoughts on “Celebrate, redux

  1. Thank you for your response. I have been looking for magnets for my grandson. He is very kinetic. If the magnets were big enough that he could not swallow them and no chance the magnet would be dislodged, I would recommend them to other grandmothers. : )


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