I have big news for my esty shop! I’ve come up with a couple of new products to offer. If you’re familiar with my shop, you know that I specialize in upcylced items – blankets, carepackages, monsters, and even magnets. My magnets have always been made from upcycled paper for the images, but the tins were purchased new. Until now. I’m excited to announce that I have come up with a way to make really adorable upcycled tins! Take a look at these:

Cute little decorated tins.

Aren’t they just the sweetest little things? And these, in a larger size:

Larger tins, decorated.

I really am quite excited that I have found a way to include these adorable upcycled tins with these sets.

The smaller set have six small magnets:

Nestled in there all cute and cozy.

And the larger tins have six small magnets and two larger magnets:

Attractively placed to fit easily.

I have 10 new sets to add to my esty shop (as soon as my PC is working again and I can get them listed), but I’m also giving away this cute set to celebrate.


Sweet little flowers.

Wouldn't these look lovely on your fridge or in your cube?

For a sense of scale.

So, you’re probably thinking, Yeah, they’re adorable! How do I enter to win them? There are several ways to enter. The details:

1. Comment to this blog post. That’s easy, right? Just click below and make a comment. Be sure to give me a way to contact you in your post, though.

2. Comment on the related post on my Facebook fan page. I’ll post about the contest each day on my fan page (Self Rescuing Princess Society). Each time you comment, you will receive another entry. So, it’s possible to get FOUR entries, if you comment each day.

3. Shares the post on Facebook. To ensure that you get counted, you may need to either link the post to my FB fan page, or comment below with the link. But again, since I will post a message about the contest everyday, you will have the opportunity to get four entries.

4. Retweets my posts on twitter. Same as with my Facebook fan page, I will tweet about the contest every day. If you retweet it, you will receive an additional entry, up to four for the entire week.

5. Refer a new Facebook fan. For each fan you refer to the Self Rescuing Princess Society fan page, you will receive an additional entry. To ensure you get credit for it, please either send me a message in Facebook or comment to this post with your referral’s name.

6. Refer a new Twitter follower. For each new follower you refer to my twitter , you will receive an additional entry. To ensure you get credit for it, please either send me a message in Twitter or comment to this post with your referral’s info.

The contest is open from today through midnight on Thursday, March 17, 2011. The drawing will be held at 10 am, PST on Friday, March 18.

Each entry will be listed separately in a spreadsheet, and assigned a unique sequential number. On Friday morning, I will use a random number generator to select the winning number. The winner will be contacted before the announcement is made public.

Good luck! And thanks for participating. I’m so excited, I can hardly wait until Friday morning!


One thought on “Celebrate!

  1. I LOvVe this!! These are adorable creations.. magical, whimsical:)
    I would love to give the ‘pretty’ one to dd JoanahFaith for a Spring
    fairy ‘surprise gift’:p So I better get on the contest rules fast!

    {Good Luck Everyone}



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