Yesterday I wrote about my Lenten Intentions. A few hours after my post was published, a couple of friends posted to their own Twitter and Facebook accounts what they may think of as jokes about what they’re “giving up” for Lent. Some were silly like, “I’m giving up Lent for Lent.” Some were bordering on offensive like, “I’m giving up hookers and blow.” Or, “I’m giving up hope.” Or, “I’m giving up being Politically Correct.”

Maybe these were an indirect response to my post, and similar posts by others who are genuinely observing Lent and wanted to share their thoughts. Or maybe they were just attempting to be clever. I can’t really know without asking. But either way, their comments were disrespectful and hurtful. Some I can blame on ignorance, but others seemed designed to be offensive.

It makes me wonder if it really matters? I was pondering this on my bike commute this morning. It is similar to my saying regarding dangerous drivers. Some are idiots who don’t actually mean to hurt me, and some are jerks who do. The only difference between the two is a matter of intention. Once they hit me, I’ll still be hurt, and it won’t make me feel any better to know it was a matter of carelessness.

Being an idiot implies a certain level of thoughtlessness. Being thoughtless isn’t the same  as being willfully hurtful, but the outcome is the same. Someone gets hurt because of someone else’s actions. Just as I don’t like to use the term “accident” because it implies that it was unavoidable and no one was at fault, it is the same when thinking about interactions not involving 2000 pound vehicles.

Everything we say and do impacts the people around us. Shouldn’t we attempt to be mindful in all of our actions? Shouldn’t we attempt to bring positive intention to all of our interactions? Isn’t that what most major religions teach at their core? “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” It’s an impossible goal. No human can ever be perfectly kind and thoughtful. And people who are easily offended may well still feel hurt. But if the positive intention is there for all to see, it is much less likely.

Isn’t that a worthy goal?


One thought on “Intention

  1. Intentions and goals are of the ego, the mind, of doing vs. being.
    Everything is ultimately a reflection of ourselves, the Source. ‘It’ is all interconnected, related. So be it. Welcome all the feelings about all of it. Really, deeply, fully- when you are ready. When I do this I pause.. as if to say ‘hello’ {shyly} or sometimes it feels more like: ‘H E L L Ooh!!’ or even ‘Hello?!’

    I am not being crass-toned here. I am simply acknowledging that I have been there and still have moments of perplexed “Wow’s”.. An example that relates to your automobile story would be my story that I play over and over surrounding the ignorance that often occurs in the city whence I am finding a parallel parking spot! So often cars behind do not pay attention to when I slow down, turn blinker on, and theN the reverse attempt occurs.. OMG, it’s like that Bozo reflection of myself BeHind Me wants to have a ‘chicken fight’ or somethin.. Frustrating really FRUSTRATING. Ass backwards anyway!! Especially when I do not move forward and begin to back up ever so slowly..

    I am currently working on releasing this frustration in hopes to smooth out all further parallel parking attempts. Just tonight a dude decides to sneak quickly around me as I am fully in the process of backing up! The energy of ignorance exists around me during this moment, and on some level I recognize that this is a commonality. Though, from what I know, this ignorance will disipate the more I learn to let go and release all thoughts and feelings about that or whatever plays out as a hurt, or pain, or frustration.

    Spiritually, i have not sat with this as a problem from within me- the impatient driver energy, i mean. Sure, I have been at the other end of the stick at one time in my life though. I recall following someone too closely to disallow the person ahead to back up much. I recall also that I then immediately backed up when I could or inched around the parking dude. Ha! So it is an ever unfolding mirror? Maybe. I have to admit my energy was not ‘ignorant’ about that driving scenario. Though,I find it very freeing to release my frustration, but not until I recognize that I have it. In order to do this, as I mentioned, first I feel all that I feel about the situation. Ohhh yes, It is not a logical process to release something FULLY. I assure you, that from this process of letting go, I have become lighter and less offended, if not rarely offended. I do find myself acting or exhibiting a response, such as I will honk at the ‘fool’ who zips around me while I am in the process of parking! I suppose I do it to send a vibration, a literal energetic release, being heard at some level. Or more likely I am holding onto wanting to be heard. Most importantly, I am now more aware while responding. As I respond, I am feeling Love, at the same time judging that ‘fool’. Why does that seem incongruent? I have pondered just that. It is because it is all me. Always, all ways me. The bottom line is that as we release on that deep feeling level, we become aware that nothing is personal. Oh yeah, our minds want to stop and say “BLAH” or but in like popcorn or a bouncing ball.. Ultimately, my friend/me (as we are reflections of Source for each other) we sit far beyond these bodies and minds.. I feel and ‘know’ this from my experience, my eternity, my infinity.. AND in this now. Or maybe it’s simply because I assist people with rites of passage, usually the dying process. That is a whole other blog post!

    There is such a depth and breadth of energy far far beyond what we think. We are 100% responsible for everything that happens to us, yet it is not our fault. On a certain level, we know very well the story we chose and everyone in our life is playing out a part we asked them to perform. Oh and it is so very perfect and loving- those roles they take on. It may not first appear like Love, but once all the layers of feeling are felt; the more and more we allow awareness of interconnectedness with all {both animate and inanimate} we realize ‘all there ever is’ is ‘Unconditional Love’. Unconditional Lovingness. (Lester Levinson’s story= powerful, no it’s P o W E R Fu LL. Really.

    It is natural for the mind to ask questions and ponder and act like popcorn. That is it’s job:) What’s so SO crucial for happiness/ thriving / overcoming ‘holding on’ to thoughts that do not serve us- is to let go. Let the feelings come and be(welcome all of ’em), then simply let it go.
    How? There are a few ways.. One is to use an analogy of grabbing and holding onto a pen, clenching it, but then letting it release, letting it go. Yes, it becomes a humorous process! How?! Well, it becomes this process of taking things less seriously, I guess a sort of irreverence for what others will think or do. I have become automatic and intuitive with the process on many levels, like when someone plays out the facade of not caring. What does that feel like? There is always pain, if one is being honest. That pain is embraced as if it is a child inside, a newbie learning about the world. So go ahead recognize it! (root word here is ‘cognition’= yep, we are thinking again)! That’s Okay, I view thinking as learning and that is what we are here to do:) We’ve done this before.. Yes, I mean you and I.. And now whatever amount of peeps who chose or are allowed to read this reply. Each pain is fresh and real, yet the duration of having our mind ‘think’ it is bad or good shortens / lightens, the more the releasing process takes place within & without our authentic selves. It is exciting! It becomes joyful and healthier and lighter.

    As an example, I find I have less pain and more joy and loving feelings surrounding what used to occupy my mind and settle into my heart. But to pretend to ‘not care’ outwardly is different than awareness developed from a healthy detachment.

    My primo example in the now is my relationship / non-relationship with my step daughter, whose parents both play a game of running away from caring about communicating, with me or with each other. Is “it” all related? At some level, subconsciously I have not / had not trusted myself or cared enough about myself for this game to have been created in the first place. Any way, it seems for the child’s life now (as she is 13 y/o) that behavior is what she has learned by example, so she too plays out. For now. The key is ~ Now. All is now. All is our story, and all is well. Because all that is is love, then it is ‘all well’. I live by that now. I have an innate drive to speak my truth when it is felt. That does not mean I will not ever offend anyone. Yet, I have no way of knowing what will offend, ever. That is me. That is my truth. It does not ever mean that others live by that truth and I know that. Accept it all. This attitude has fostered gratitude within me, deep within me. Just because all situations are always unconditional love, does not mean that it always appears as we ‘think’ love would ‘look or feel’.

    So is there no regret for what is. Love what is. Katie Byron is a genius who stumbled upon an internal technique of turning our thought about something around. This is a whole ‘nother blog post..
    Oh my, i did not just rant ‘too much’ I am sorry. Is there ever a way to love what I just did?! ha.

    After all it is all a series of stories, no? Just remember: ‘It’ is not personal, it is not your fault, you are much Bigger than the thoughts you have, and the stories- every one is now just a memory. The hilarious thing -cosmic joke- is that the ‘stories’ are gone as soon as they deliver/ perform. It’s a one time gig, like a fleeting dream. It is not to deny how it shapes us and how we learn and how we choose to change or stay the same, though eh?! All in all the dream is ever unfolding and we are ever expanding..

    Thank you for your honesty Karenish. And thank you for Ever sharing~

    All is well,
    Until next time:)With love,


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