Go outside and play!

This just in: exercising outside is good for you! Was there any doubt? Also, it apparently makes you smarter too!

I don’t know about you, but this comes as no surprise to me. This is something that has been well-understood by those of us who love the outdoors and prefer to spend as much time as possible outside. The anecdotal evidence alone was enough to convince me long ago that there is something special about being in nature that is healthy for us humans. It’s why large cities make sure to include parks and natural spaces in their development plants. It’s why adults look back on their childhoods wistfully and bemoan the lack of natural wilderness play areas for children. And it’s why sick and injured patients heal faster, with only a window looking out on nature.

Being outside turns on a different part of your brain that what is engaged when you are watching tv, surfing the web or even reading. You pay attention to the smaller details more. You take time to smell the roses.

We skied again today. On our ride up from the condo, we looked down and tried to guess the animals that made the different tracks. It’s hard to imagine that much wildlife this close to this many people, but I guess at night the mountain gets pretty quiet. And on one of my lift rides up this afternoon, I saw what looked like an eagle. I only saw it from the underneath, but it was about the right size and color.

Although I can’t say I recommend skiing two days in a row, it worked out pretty well for us. We started a bit later than yesterday, took a longer lunch, and took it a bit slower and easier. But it was worth it! I’m glad I got a chance to work on what I learned yesterday while it was still fresh in my mind. And I got to spend more time with Eric on the slopes. It’s good to ski with someone who tells you how awesome you are all the time!

I’m also glad that we’re not skiing tomorrow. Already there were at least double the number of people here than there was yesterday. As much as my tired legs were thankful for the rests while we waiting in the short lift lines, I know tomorrow’s lines are going to be ridiculous. When we drove into Truckee to turn in my rentals, the place was mobbed.

I think tomorrow will be a snow shoe day. But it may turn into a sitting around in the hot tub day. Or maybe both. We’ll see how late we sleep in and what the old bones feel up to doing.

PS. I would have posted pictures, but I didn’t take any. I was too busy skiing!


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