Happy New Year!

41 years old. I never imagined being this age when I was a kid. I only ever imagined up to the age of 30, the year 2000. It didn’t occur to me to go past 30. So, each year, just feels like another mystery. Or, maybe I should say, adventure!

Last year, for my 40th, we had a huge blow out party. We filled the house with friends and fun and had a crazy party of epic proportions! So epic that I spent the entire next day “sleeping” off the uncounted vodka shots, glasses of champagne, and who-knows-what-else — my memory of the post-midnight portion of the party is fuzzy. I’m told we didn’t go to bed until nearly 6 am.

After the crazy year I’ve had, I didn’t want a big party this year. Instead, it was just me, Eric, Cat and Kyle. We ate a nice simple meal and opened left-over Christmas presents and I got Cat’s wonderful birthday present for me:

I think we might have to get some quality sing-along time in this weekend!

With the assumption that the way you start the new year sets the pace for how the rest of the year goes, we made a point to get out and enjoy the break in the rain by taking a trip up to Anadel and hiking up Rough Go. It’s my goals to get out and enjoy the scenery as much as possible this year, and stay as active as possible. I think we set a good precedence for the rest of the year.

Cat and Eric climbing up Rough Go:

The view down Rough Go. Look at all that water on the trail!

Look at all the green! Elsewhere the colors of winter are black, brown, blue and white. But in California, it’s all the shades of green that we don’t get to see most of the rest of the year. This same rock photographed later in the year will be barren and gray, with the golden bleached grasses behind it.

I wish all of you a new year filled with blessings, hope, health, laughter, love and the strength to see you through the coming year.


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