Let’s start again.

Finally, I feel like it’s safe to say I’m really really really starting to be my old self again. No more sickness. More energy (although it still lags in the early evening). And I’m feeling more inspired and alive than I have in months. Since at least June, I think.

Because Winter has finally arrived, in all her rainy majesty, I have been spending lots of time in my craft room, working on things to try and sell on etsy or elsewhere. I have several projects going, and I wake up feeling excited about them, and I go to bed thinking about how to make them work. I like that feeling.

Today was the first day that wasn’t rainy or windy, and I spent an hour or so in my yard, tending to my plants, raking leaves, moving stuff around, and other general straightening work.

I even got to use the new gardening gloves Eric bought for me!

I haven’t spent any time of consequence in my yard in months, and I wasn’t sure what I was going to find, or what condition some of my plants were in. I’m happy to report that things are going about as one would expect for this time of year. My hydrangea is growing, slowly. Although it is a bit holey. I cleared away the fallen leaves around it in hope that will alleviate that problem. I also pulled a huge blackberry vine that was coming up right in the row of peas. It was big enough to be seen from the house, so it was well past time to deal with it.

As I suspected, I planted my beets too close together. They are looking puny and crowded. Oh well, I’ll chalk that up to a lesson learned. My chard, on the other hand, is going like gangbusters! This is but one of four groups I have growing. I think it may be time to harvest some and serve with the beets I got from my CSA box.

Other things are going well too. My campunela is happy. My cyclamen are growing, but showing no signs of flowering. Same with the few surviving primrose plants. The most interesting development are my “volunteer” radishes. See, last spring, I left some seed packets out in the rain and the seeds inside germinated. So tossed them all out into a spot under the tree for the birds and bugs to enjoy. But the radish seeds started to grow. At least they started to grow greens. As of yet, I haven’t seen any tubers form. But I’m sure that’s because of the rocks.

Crazy, huh? I decided to let them stay and see what happens.


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