Improvements (redux)

Dare I say it in public? I think I’m starting to feel better. Slowly. I’m still not up to old activity levels, but I’m also no longer glued to the couch. I spent Monday riding my bike around the area, running some errands. Today, I managed to do some…

+ + +

Yeah, I started this post on November 17, almost a month ago, and had to set it aside for one reason or another. How prescient that I was worried about jinxing myself. Because I was most certainly jinxed when I wrote this. Or at the least, headed into something that was not at all “better.”

See, the weekend after I started this draft, I had developed a slight rash on my belly and was starting feel more tired again. At first, I thought it was just a weird bug bite and that I was only tired because I’d probably pushed myself a bit too much the week before. I took the week off from school to rest with the hope that I’d be back at it after Thanksgiving.

On Thanksgiving, my rash had turned into little blisters and much redness and a little pain. And I was even more tired. I though, Oh great! It’s gone and gotten infected, even though I was so good about not scratching. By the end of the holiday weekend, I couldn’t sleep because of the constant pain. Of course, I called the doctor and got an appt as soon as possible.

Shingles? WHAT? I actually started crying in the nurse practitioner’s office. And I cried in the car on the way home. And again at home. Fortunately my dear friend Cat convinced me to call the on-call doctor and ask for some real pain meds to help me sleep.

Tuesday, I spent the day writing a report for a class I’m still not sure I’ll pass, and ignoring the scratchy throat that was developing, assuming it was just a reaction to the dry air combined with the sleeplessness of the previous week.

Nope. By Wednesday, it was a full-blown painful sore throat. Bad enough that the doctor had me go in for a rapid strep test. Thankfully, by then I was done with my pressing school work, and had been given extensions for the rest of it. I went into a vicodin daze for a couple of days. I don’t have a lot of clear memories from that part of the week. Or the weekend.

I am, finally, starting to recover from the cold. Now it’s just a lingering cough.

And the shingles is now just a mildly annoying pain in the side. Nothing serious. Just a constant reminder that it’s there.

But I’m not going to go so far as to say anything regarding my health for the immediate future. Clearly my immunity is shot. Even though I’ve been well-enough to go out, I haven’t been. I don’t want to get anything new.


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