Taking care of business

I wonder if there is such a thing as financial constipation. No, I don’t mean the kind where the money doesn’t flow. I mean more in the way of how resolution of some financial and related issues seem stuck. And then, all of a sudden, things get resolved in ways you could never have imagined or hoped for. It seems like so many of my friends who have been having serious concerns for several months, and even a year or so, have posted happy notes in the last couple of days saying they’ve finally bought a house, got a job, got a raise, figured out a workable budget, etc. It feels a bit light a lot of people had their lives on hold for a while, and then, all at once, things started moving again.

Today has been one of those days where all of a sudden all kinds of things that have been hanging over me finally get cleared up. It’s a fantastic feeling, and I wish it happened more often.

The day started out pretty icky, but after a bit of acknowledging the ickiness, I was able to move on to something more productive. And, in turn, that helped to clean up some of that ickiness.

First order of business, to investigate whether I could afford to dump one of my Child Development classes for this semester in an effort to reduce my classload a bit, and take a bit of that stress off. As it turns out, to get the Teacher’s Certificate, I need to take 7 more classes. Assuming I take 3 classes each semester, it’s not likely that I’ll finish that up by the end of the Spring ’11 semester. I could take more than 3 classes each semester, but as I learned last semester while only taking 2, that’s a lot of repetition and I’m worried about becoming burned out. I already feel fairly ambiguous toward the subject, there’s no need to completely blow up on it, right? Also, that’s assuming that all the classes I need are even offered in the spring semester.

I did some thinking, and talked it through with Eric, and I came to the decision that it’s not 100% necessary to finish up the Teacher’s Certificate by next summer, as I’m not exactly looking for a job in that field. Any job even remotely related would probably only ask that I have the Assistant Teacher’s Certificate, which I will have completed by the end of this semester anyway.

My longer-term goal, as it stands right now (and subject to revision) is to transfer to SSU’s Sustainability Program starting in the Fall ’11. That’s a long way away. And I’m sure I can work in an evening class at the JC even while taking classes at SSU to finish up the Teacher’s Certificate over the course of my time at SSU.

So, I decided it was OK to drop one of my classes. But which one?

Ugg.. so, as it turns out, the only class I’m least interested in is the one class I’m taking online. It seems kinda silly to drop an online class in the attempt to save time. I mean, maybe I’m grossly underestimating the difficulty of this class, but if it’s anything like any of the other classes I’ve taken in this program, it’s probably not worth dropping the online version to only take it in person next semester.

No, my real hope was to rearrange my schedule so that my Wednesday night class becomes a day class. Oh, but it’s only offered at the same time as the Spanish class I’m taking. And there’s only one other Spanish class offered, and it’s an evening class that meets TWICE a week. That kinda defeats the purpose of this whole exercise.

I suppose I could drop one of the other Child Development classed. One I can’t drop because it’s a pre-requisite for future classes, so I may as well take it. Unfortunately, this is the class that is only offered during my Spanish class or at night. But the other, well, that one I was actually kinda interested in.

At this point, I’m actually leaning toward dropping my Spanish class, and moving my evening class to that time slot, and calling it a day. When it comes to workload, Spanish is much more work for me than any of the Child Development classes. Plus, I’m certain that it WILL be offered again in the spring.

That wasn’t exactly the original plan, but I guess that works out.

Other business taken care of today:

  • I finally called and made an appointment to get the brakes checked on the Rav. Yay!
  • I called 24 Hour Fitness, and got them to reduce my monthly membership by $12.
  • I called Comcast and got them to put me on a plan that gives me two extra premium channels, increases our bandwidth to 20MB, and saves me $22 a month.
  • Eric and I finally pulled out all my random medical bills and EOBs and sorted them out to see what is legit and what is questionable.
  • I paid the legit medical bills, and he’s going to take the questionable bills and EOBs to his HR dept to sort out.

It feels good to get some of these intractable issues finally moving along. I’m still a bit concerned about making my money last through the next semester or two. But I have faith, reinforced by today’s experience, that an answer will present itself in due time.


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