OK, so now what?

So, all along, my tentative plan has been to take classes at the JC until I can transfer to SSU and work on a “real degree.” Only, it seems like that’s never going to happen. Or at least, it isn’t going to happen any time soon. It seems SSU isn’t taking transfers for Spring 2011. I can’t decide if I’m bummed about this, stunned by it, or (most likely) not at all surprised based on the way everything else in my life has been going these last couple of weeks.

Frankly, at this point, I feel completely rudderless, drifting aimlessly with little wind, an unreliable compass, and my maps were lost in the last big storm. And, yet, I can’t shake the feeling that maybe this is a good thing.


One thought on “OK, so now what?

  1. Karen, Karenish, Kare Bear~

    Ahh, I hear your continued frustration. I look forward to learning more about your goals and dreams for you, your Self.

    It is a good thing.

    Okay, you may feel odd about me and not appreciate my well wishes and love & light I send your way, all ways, but I truly intend good vibration and more! This attitude and confidence is based on facts, truths and revealing insights about our state of mind, spirit and heart- as a whole- in this time and space.

    I look forward to sharing more about what I mean in detail one day soon!! Until then, focus on seeing me on the other side, my friend!



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