This and That.

Here I am in my second week of Summer Vacation, and honestly I wasn’t sure if today was Wednesday or Thursday. I think that’s how it’s going to be. I have a severe problem with motivation. There are things I’d like to spend my time doing, but I’m not sure how to make myself get up and do them.

At least my training plan has been fairly easy to get done. I’m not sure if I’m doing enough training to be ready for the secret race, but maybe. Getting out and running and riding have been relatively easy. Getting to the pool and the gym aren’t quite so easy.

My allergies have been crazy these last couple of days again. I’m waiting for the real summer heat comes in and kills off whatever it is that’s spewing its pollen out there. That’s partly what is keeping me from working in the yard/garden. I spent half an hour or so in the garden yesterday, and that was all the sneezing I could take.

I have a bit of anxiety about this weekend’s trip to Tahoe. As much talk as I give the whole “my friends don’t like each other” thing and how I’m above it, it still stresses me out. That’s something that probably warrants a bit more exploration on my part.


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