How does that work?

I’ve spent the better part of this morning looking at SSU’s different majors and trying to see if any of them fit my interests “well-enough.” This is hard. I had trouble making this decision when I was 18. I’m still having trouble.

When Eric came home for lunch, I tried to explain it to him, and his advice was, “Figure out what you want to do, and then go get the best education for that you can.”

Oh, that’s even harder. Really. When deciding what classes to take, or even what major program to sign up for, it’s easy to justify it saying that once I’m finally graduated, I can go on to do something similar or eventually move away from that. I mean, how many History majors are actually historians?

I’m afraid that what I want to do doesn’t actually exist. I’m afraid that what I’m really destined to do is something I have to make up as I go along.

Right now, the two SSU paths that look the most interesting are the Environmental Studies (Community Planning) and MultiCulturalism programs. But I’m not ruling out their general Liberal Arts program.

While I was searching around the web yesterday for a clue to help me sort this whole mess out, and found that there are actual programs out there related to food studies and sociology and science. Hrm. The few that I’ve found are offered as Masters programs. So, what BA/BS would one need to make it into one of those programs?

And, more importantly, what the heck would I do with a Masters in Food Studies?


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