I’m terrible at making decisions. I hate having to commit to a plan before I’ve had enough time to weigh out all the possible outcomes. I know in my head that it’s not always possible to have that luxury, and that part of being a grown-up is to make the best decision possible and then spend all your energies into making it be the best decision.

I do not like my Child Development classes. I have little interest in being any kind of a teacher, at least not in the traditional way. So, do I go ahead and still get the AA in Child Development? Or do I downgrade my goal to a certificate? And, either way I go, what else do I need to do? Do I take classes in nutrition or sustainable agriculture? Where does all this lead, anyway?

It’s too late to sign up for classes at SSU for the fall, so it looks like I’ll be at the JC for at least one more semester. Well, two, if I take classes this summer. Which I need to decide on pretty quickly. But, I’m not sure I want to just take classes willy nilly without having a bigger plan.

All this indecision is causing me a good deal of anxiety. On Sunday, I was is pretty bad shape until about 15 miles into my bike ride. Since then, I’ve been head-down studying for the two tests I had earlier today. Now that that pressure is off, I’m back to feeling anxious.


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