Waiting for the next ball to drop

So, it seems my juggling act hasn’t been as smooth as I’d wanted to think. On my way to the Child’s Farm yesterday for my observation, it struck me that I’d completely forgotten about my Jury Duty summons. Really. I straight up FORGOT about it. After all the excitement over finally getting a summons, I put the paper away and it completely fell out of my brain. Oh. Shit. I mean, really. Oh shit.

Well, probably not quite that bad, since I forgot about it again when I got home and got wrapped up in studying for my Spanish test.

Apparently, that’s not all I forgot. When I got to class last night, I saw everyone turning in typed pieces of paper, and realized that I’d completely forgotten about the assignment that was due. Great.

All of this is going on while I already know that I’ve put off studying for my Spanish test (today), as well as a report I am working on for my Communications class, as well as a series of other school projects, and the tons of textbook reading that have been put on the back burner. And that’s not even bringing up my severe lack of triathlon training, or even working on my general weight-loss goals.

So, you’d see why I’d be a bit worried about what else might be about to fall down on my head.


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