On the sunny side of the street

As suspected, my mood improved today, with the sun. I didn’t make it to my morning Sociology class (just laziness, really), and my Spanish class was canceled, so I’ve been hanging out all morning, listening to the birds and making plans for the day.

My goals:
– cover the empty garden beds with newspaper to discourage weeds (half done already)
– plant the dahlia and clematis plants I bought last week
– dig up the bed for the onions and get some of the sets planted
– transfer the bigger tomato seedlings
– cook up the two sugar pumpkins I’ve had since Oct
– heck, while I’m cooking, I also need to cook up the two acorn squashes left (maybe I’ll make a curry)
– work on my take-home test for tonight’s class (even though it’s not due tonight)
– catch up on my reading for tomorrow’s class

The fact that I’m even making a to-do list is a vast improvement over the last couple of days. Now, off to see how much of it I can get done!


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